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Spot Grinding 

During the production process of semi-finished materials such as slabs, plates, billets or rods, cracks and similar defects may appear on the material’s surface. These defect areas may lead to material weaknesses and product uselessness during further processing.

To avoid this, semi-finished products are being monitored by crack detecting sensors. Once detected, damaged areas within the material need to be removed. Grinding is a common method of choice.

Common grinding principles have remained unchanged throughout the years: Either a product’s full surface is treated, or defects are being marked and then processed manually. A transferral of data between the detection unit and the processing grinder is commonly not effective. This either leads to exceeded grinding with high material losses and time consumption, or a drastic rise in personell costs.

The new BIGSINO fully-automated spot grinder with the optional Limax marking detecting unit reinvents the grinding process within the metal producing industries. Focused on efficiency, increase of production and rentability, we present our product portfolio.


Prototype for the Chinese Market

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